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Upcoming Talks & Travel

Rutgers Medieval-Renaissance Colloquium 2020 – Virtual: “Performing Shadows: The Renaissance Entertainment District,” “Dissertation Introduction Workshop,” with Maria Vrcek and Danielle Allor (in preparation of March 2021 defenses)

ASTR 2020 – Rescheduled/Virtual: Pre-conference activities with “Early Modern Performance” Working Group for 2021 conference

RSA 2021 – Dublin, Ireland: “Contested Materiality: Devotional Puppetry and Reformation Iconoclasm.” Organizing panel: “Renaissance Puppet Theater in Theory and Practice.” (rescheduled from 2020)

ASTR 2021 – San Diego, CA: “Hobby Horses and Early Modern Body Puppetry.” “Early Modern Performance” Working Group. (rescheduled from 2020)


Recent Talks & Travel

RSA 2020 – Denver, CO [Virtual]: “Pageant Puppets and Interpreting London.” “The Theatrical City: Performance and Ceremony in Early Modern London” seminar.

Short-Term Research Fellowship – Corpus Christi College, Oxford: Huntington exchange fellow in residence at Corpus for archival work at the Bodleian (Oct-Nov 2020).

Shakespearean Theatre Conference 2019 – Stratford ON: “Bear-ing Violence and the Ethics of Festive Form.” “Festival and Festivity,” University of Waterloo & Stratford Festival.

Year-Long Dissertation Seminar 2018-19 – Folger Shakespeare Library: Monthly seminar at the Folger and research trips to work on “The Clown and its Double: Addressing the Marotte in Shakespeare.” See published article.

SAA 2019 – Washington, DC: “Puppet Theater and the Interpreter’s Role.” NextGenPlen plenary panel. See published version.

RSA 2019 – Toronto, Canada: “Laugh Tracks and Traumatic Trickery: Jestbooks’ Policing of Social Behavior.”

ASTR 2018 – San Diego, CA: “Performing Objects and Rhetorical Performances: Puppet Theater and Reformation Iconoclasm.” “Puppetry and Material Performance” Working Group.

SAA 2018 – Los Angeles, CA: “Structuring Laughing Matter: Jonsonian Clowning and the Shakespearean Clown.” “Shakespeare and Jonson” Working Group.

RSA 2018 – New Orleans, LA: “Printed Jests and Performing Jesters: Celebrity Clowns and the Representatives of Renaissance Humor.” Session sponsored by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University.